Cabrillo College ~ CIS 165 ~ Ted Altenberg

Spring, 2009
Ed Parrish, Instructor

Hello, and welcome to my CIS 165PH website!

I’ve been making websites for a number of years, and have taken John Govsky’s web design classes and Ed Parrish’s intro to programming classes (C++ and JavaScript). I am glad to be taking the next step now: learning how to build dynamic database-driven websites!

Ed Parrish and John Govsky are both great teachers, and I highly recommend their classes. In both cases, their lectures and accompanying websites are very clear and well organized. This course with Ed is not officially a continuation of last semester’s “Intro to Internet Programming” course (CIS 132), but the two courses together do comprise an excellent introduction to programming for the web. If you are comfortable with programming, you could take this course without taking 132 first, but I’m glad I took 132—to learn JavaScript and to reinforce my understanding of programming, to help me with this course.

I’ve also been working slowly to develop a web design business. You can see my portfolio of websites that I’ve designed and —soon— I’ll be posting some information on how I work with clients, and my introductory lesson on What You Need in Order to Have a Wesbite.

I have quite a number of ideas for data-driven website projects, including but not limited to:

  • March 1: Decision Made: This is my project for this course!  Building on last semester's project on automating the Ravens test, perhaps I can create an online version of thes test that would record people's answers and then feed their results into a calculator similar to what I created last semester…
  • The database of GATE resources I’d like to build for, the site I’ve built for “'CAG SLR5,” the Santa Lucia Region 5 of the California Association for the Gifted.
  • Another project for is to have a tool that will allow members to create one username and password that will then be applied to multiple tools, such as:
    • The password-protected members-only directory;
    • The calendar;
    • The public forum;
    • The public photo gallery;
    • The members-only forum (inside the members-only irectory);
    • The members-only wiki (inside the members-only irectory);
    • The members-only photo gallery (inside the members-only irectory);
  • World Crafts Marketplace, my online crafts coop idea that I thought up around 15 years ago, was my first domain name registered, and which I still dream of creating some day…
  • I’m sure there are more, but it’s late…

So here goes; wish me luck!