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Mr. Altenberg Teaches Computers, Journalism & Science

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Mr. Altenberg, Computer & Journalism Teacher

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Mr. Ted Altenberg

Washington Middle School
Salinas Union High School District
560 Iverson Street
Salinas, CA 93901 USA
(831) 796-7152 (office)
(831) 796-7105 (fax)


7th Grade Life Science

Introductory Computers:
Computer Concepts & Business Applications

Advanced Computers: Web Design


Cartoon by Jeff Stahler - Colombus Dispatch - A student says to her teacher, 'The Internet ate my download'

Cartoon by Jeff Stahler used with permission
© Columbus Dispatch, Distributed by Newspaper Enterprise Association, Inc.
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Student Grades

These web-based student grade reports are created by the gradebook software Easy Grade Pro . Student data is password protected; I gave students their unique password in class and told them to share the password with parents/guardians. I’m happy to give parents their child’s passsword any time; please call or email if you do not have your child’s password.

webcab9”  — the Student web server at

Mr. A. wishes to thank for their generous donation of the student web space, in support of the students’ education! For great ISP and web hosting services, please consider using!

I created a MySpace account so that I could learn about MySpace, and chat and share pictures and stuff with students and friends. If you are a current or former student of mine (or a friend) and want to be my MySpace “friend,” then please invite me to be your friend. You can also email me with your MySpace identity and then I can invite you.

But of course, you cannot access MySpace from school computers, because it is blocked by the school district’s web filter.

If your parents don’t want you using MySpace, then you shouldn’t! If you want me to talk to your parents about MySpace or computers and the Internet in general, please encourage them to contact me. (But I should tell you: I will not be 100% supportive of your use of MySpace...)